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Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

Price (Boots): £14.99

Review: I purchased the Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set a few months ago from Boots, and I must say, I have completely fell in love with the Ecotools products!

I love how they are Earth friendly and animal friendly. They use 100% cruelty-free, taklon bristles, are made from highly sustainable bamboo for the handles and they also have recycled alluminium ferrules. 

The brushes come in a reusable pouch and is small enough to take with you on your travels. The pouch has velcro to fasten it and a mirror on the inside for when you’re on the go! I think the puch holds the brushes perfectly and is great quality too.

Now the brushes. All of the brushes are clearly marked with the name of their individual purpose, which is ideal for beginners. The set comes with a blend brush, a crease brush, a highlight brush, a shade brush and a smudge brush. Every brush for me does its job perfectly and sometimes I switch brushes for different jobs and that works well too. I can’t express how amazing I find these brushes, you just need ecotools in your life!

The brushes are also incredibly soft and easily cleaned too. All in all, I adore these brushes and I will definitely be buying more of these brushes real soon and reviewing lots more too!

Rating: 5/5

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